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Driven by our love for this breed of dog, a desire to dispell misconseptions, and a passion for educating people about Karelians, we have compiled this library of resources that we hope you will find useful and informative.

Articles and Interviews

December 2007 interview of Madde Watts, Thank Heavens for Search and Rescue. Madde, SAR Advisor for California Karelians, helped coordinate and directed resources for the nationally televised rescue of a father and his three children caught unprepared for a snowstorm while looking for a Christmas tree near Inskip, California in the Lassen National Forest. Thank you, Madde, for a successful rescue!

The April 5, 2006 Tahoe World Newspaper article, FROM RUSSIA WITH PUPPY LOVE: Russian Breed of Canine Can Help Keep Bears out of Homes, Dumpsters, featured the two puppies that California Karelian Dog Kennel donated to Tahoe's BEAR League. The two puppies will live with Executive Director Ann Bryant, who has named them Anya and Dmytro. California Karelian Bear Dog Kennels Trainer Bill Bates will not only teach the two to track and chase bears but to respect other wildlife. This article was reprinted April 7 in the Tahoe Daily Tribune and April 9 in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza.

The March 15, 2006 Mammoth Times article, Bearing Down on Work with Karelian Bear Dogs, featured the working partnership of Bill Fantozzi of California Karelians and Bill Bates, trainer for California Karelians. This article was written from a historian's point of view, and we hope you enjoy it.

Web resources

The British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection has published recommendations for Preventing Bear Problems. Included among those recommendations is: "Use dogs or bear dogs (e.g., Karelian dogs) to keep bears away."

Other web sites (just type these phrases into your web browser to search for the exact web address):

Bear Country USA

Alaska Science Forum

Primitive Aboriginal Dog Society

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire:
A comprehensive web page with information and links on 85 native peoples within the Russian Federation, mostly Siberian aboriginal groups. Scroll down the list on the left to select information on the ethnic group of your choice.

Crossroads of Continents-Siberia
NMNH webpage on the Even, Koryak, Nanai, and Chukchi.

DNA and the Peopling of Siberia:
This article discusses the latest research about the origins of Siberian peoples done through comparison of DNA from 13 different peoples, including the Buryat.

The photo above appeared in the April 5, 2006 Tahoe World article featuring California Karelians. Trainer Bill Bates appears in the background. In the foreground is one of the two California Karelian puppies donated to the Tahoe BEAR League.

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