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The modern day KBD

A much easier existence for today's KBD, compared to the challenges of Siberia


Life at California Karelians

A glimpse at the lifestyle and activities of Karelian Bear Dogs, featuring none other than our California Karelians



Our puppy photo gallery


Outdoor adventures

California Karelians can be seen hiking, camping and fishing


Our own bear adventure

Learning about local bears in Mammoth Lakes


On the set with Doctors Foster & Smith

California Karelians participated in the filming of "Faithful Friends", a 13-episode TV series currently airing for Animal Planet on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL.




Agility training with KBD puppies

Even without competing, agility training is a fun activity to do with your KBD that helps instill confidence and teaches social manners with other dogs


Adventures in the snow

During an introduction to avalanche rescue training from Sgt. Paul Dotsie of the Mammoth police department and his rescue dog Buster, California Karelians Grizzly finds his snow covered dad (and generally has fun in the snow)


K9 search and rescue

California Karelians in SAR training (in case you missed the link on the home page to our "full length feature slideshow)


Run away training exercises

An activity that can be part of SAR training or just a fun activity that will challenge your KBD mentally and provide an outlet for his energy


Encourage your puppy's play drive

Channeling the natural energy and enthusiasm of our California Karelians


Dog obedience

Dog training, from socialization and basic obedience to the more advanced foundation skills


Safe air travel

Our preparations for safely shipping our California Karelians




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