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Adventures in the snow

Avalanche rescue training

In avalanche rescue work, dogs rely on their sense of smell to track and locate someone buried in the snow. Left, Sergeant Paul Dotsie of Mammoth Lakes police department and his search dog Buster demonstrate avalanche rescue training to California Karelians Grizzly. California Karelians Laska also joined in some fun time in the snow.

A special thanks to Sue Morning of the Mammoth Times for taking many of these photographs.


Buster helped in the search for more victims of Charles Manson

When forensic scientists suspected that there may be previously unidentified victims of Charles Manson and his followers in California's high desert, Sgt. Paul Dotsie and cadaver-seeking Buster were a part of the search team. According to an Associated Press story entitled, "Forensic experts say of Manson site: Dig" updated March 17, 2008, Sgt. Dotsie and Buster were joined on the team by researchers (carrying instruments to detect chemical markers of human decomposition) and an archeologist (armed with a magnetic resonance reader), in an attempt to locate human remains near one-time Manson hideout Barker Ranch.

Once released, Buster searched until alerting on a depression in the ground behind the house. Instruments capable of chemically detecting evidence of decades-old human bodies began beeping at an accelerating pace as they approached Buster's location, eventually emmitting a steady stream of sound. The researchers ultimately took over 5,000 readings of the ground at the suspect site. In a report issued to law enforcement, Sgt. Dotsie and the researchers concluded that--considering the quantity and types of evidence found--further testing at a deeper level and a full-scale excavation at Barker Ranch were warranted.

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