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Wilderness large predator protection

While some folks recognize the need for protection for their families from the wildlife they know is living amongst them, others are being taken by surprise. Here in California, unexpected visitations from animals displaced by drought and wildfires are getting a little too close for comfort. As food becomes scarce, even the coyotes--long thought to be too shy to approach people--become emboldened.

Well known for their ability to haze and chase bears, Karelians will alert on other intruders, both human and animal, in protection of their families.

Coexisting with bear populations

Capitalizing on the Karelian Bear Dog's natural "hunting" instincts, these dogs are being used today in man's non-lethal response to predatory animals encroaching on "human territories." Where the objective is to promote peaceful co-existence, Karelian Bear Dogs are being put to work by homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts who live in or visit areas inhabited by large predators, such as bears and mountain lions (also known as a cougar, panther or puma). To learn more about southern California bears, we went on our own bear adventure in Mammoth Lakes.

Above, California Karelians' Anya was introduced to the Lake Tahoe Sheriff's office when she was just a pup. Below, Anya and her brother Dmytro of California Karelians assisted the Nevada Department of Wildlife in releasing a bear. The KBDs help ensure the bear, once released, returns to the forest and does not turn to attack the humans.

Home protection

Grammy (top right) can personally attest to the Karelian Bear Dogs' effectiveness at home protection. House sitting for us, grammy heard our bear dogs alerting in the middle of the night. Once out of bed, she could hear unusual noices outside the house, and found our dogs immediately by her side. Their menacing barking and growling were more than enough to deter the would-be intruders. Grammy was shaken but, fortunately, unharmed.


Black bears




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