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The Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) is a tough hunting breed. The KBD has always been a wilderness dog, fearless by nature, unyielding of an oncoming threat. Believed to have survived to the present day from descendants of Viking Age spitz-type hunting dogs, the abilities that are necessary for survival in the wilderness have been passed on to the present generation.

In olden times, the hunting culture included "bear's den" hunting. The Karelian Bear Dog invaded the bear's den fearlessly, and often the life of the foolhardy bear hunter depended on the bravery of his dog. At least a pair of KBDs would be used to harry the bear, barking loudly to distract the bear, while the human hunter came in for the kill.

The ability to quickly find game in wide areas is one of the characteristics of this breed. Using its sharp sense of smell, it is able to find a scent of game from a great distance.

One of the most important requirements for a hunting dog is its ability to work together with its master. In this respect the KBD meets the very highest standard. The dog is known for its ability to work independently in difficult conditions and, using its sharp sense of smell, find a scent of game from a great distance.

The bark of the KBD is rapid and loud. During a hunt, the dog uses its bark to communicate the location of the game to the hunter, and the bark also covers the possible noise made by the advancing hunter. In hunting situations, the dog keeps regular contact with its master. If the dog is separated from its master during a long chase, it will go to find its master or return to the site where the hunt began.

Photograph provided by Vladimir Beregovoy.



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