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Our questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in California Karelian’s Bear Dogs. To help us assess your needs and expectations, we would be pleased to discuss the following questions with you:

1. Have you owned a dog before? If so, what kind? How old was it when you got it? How long did you have it?

2. Why do you want to own a Karelian Bear Dog? (We do not sell Karelians for breeding purposes.)

3. Who will be the primary caretaker for the dog?

4. What are your perspectives on feeding, health checks, grooming and training?

5. Karelians need exercise on a daily basis. How would your Karelian get that exercise?

6. KBD’s have an independent nature but love to work as partners with their owners. What can you offer a KBD to keep them busy and occupied?

7. Please describe what your typical weekday and weekend are like. What would the dog’s routine be?

8. What are your most important qualities for a dog?

9. Karelians shed twice a year; how do you feel about dog hair in your house?

10. Motivating a KBD requires special bonding and training. How would you rate your dog handling skills?

11. How do you feel about crate training?

12. What setting do you live in (rural, urban, suburban, home, apartment)?

13. Do you have a yard? What size? What kind of fence and how high?

14. What are the hours that you work away from home?

15. Where will your KBD stay during the day? At night? (Remember, Karelians bark.)

16. Do you currently own a dog?

17. Do you have any other animals?

18. Do you have children, and if so, what are their ages?

19. What arrangements do you foresee making when you go on vacation or business trips and can’t take the dog?

20. Have you ever had to give a dog away? Why?



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